Chronicles of a Nomad

Nomadic life in the twenty-first century, like everything else, is globalized. The contemporary nomad is confronted by a world that is both accessible and illusive. Space and time are simultaneously expanded and contracted to fragments of experience in transit. Modern nomadic life is both the allure to expand the future and desire to escape the past. The present is the journey towards an undetermined destination. Today, nomads make pictures of this journey, of what are, from the moment they are made, memories. Experience is reduced to the play of light and shadow glimpsed in the fleeting moment, in the reflective surfaces of the terrain. Memories, like dreams, offer a narrative, an engagement that is both reflective and revealing. The nomad seeks reconciliation in narrative that grasps significance in contingency and the ephemeral; that recognizes its incomplete partiality; a narrative that does not forget, but forgives; a journey that returns the nomad to its beginning and feel, perhaps for the first time, that this is home.