As I began thinking where to start, what to focus on, how to frame, and when to click, mists of confusion surrounded my thoughts. The globe is warming, the consequences of which will inevitably surface on the land on which I live, and I began searching for reasons. From within the boundaries of my comfort zone, I pointed my lens toward the ‘other’, to find those responsible for breaking the balance and harmony of nature which led to the changing climate. Is it because of the industries? Or the insane pace of so-called development? Wars? The plague of greed, melting ice, deforestation? Or is it ‘I’ who contributes to the destruction of my own existence? Hence, ‘I’ turned ‘My’ camera towards Myself, to shed light on the hidden icon that we carry secretly within each of us: ‘I’ who is archetypal and metaphoric; ‘I’ who wants to have the freedom to consume, to have power and wealth, to be one with my own indulgence; ‘I’ who wants to separate self from nature so as to be distinctive and superior, only to transform everything into mine, and mine alone.