Land of the Free

The story of Guantanamo Bay prison camp emerges as a horrifying experiment. In this tormenting and tormented place, detainees became guinea pigs in an experiment to crack the human soul.

Mubarak Hussain Bin Abul Hashem is the only Bangladeshi to have returned from Guantanamo Bay after five years of imprisonment. Terrorist suspects were given numbers by which they were addressed instead of their own names. Under US Army custody, he was known as „Enemy Combatant Number – 151‟.

On 17th December, 2006, a special US Air Force plane flew Mubarak back to Bangladesh after failing to find any evidence of his alleged terrorist links. Bringing the story of his shattered life to light for the first time was an extremely difficult yet critical challenge for me. It was crucial to vividly exhibit the human cost of the „Land of the Free‟s‟ ill-conceived and violently executed „War on Terror‟ which, as for so many others, shattered the life of a Bangladeshi named Mubarak Hussain forever.